Social media is all about building an audience and keeping them interested

Are you really confident about your business and its services that you would confidently stand on stage and broadcast your message to an eager audience?

Hopefully the answer is yes, as this is what social media is about; sharing your message to hundreds if not thousands of people, and in some exceptional cases millions.

Social media helps drive traffic to your website, raises awareness of your brand and gives everyone a voice.

We can help you with your social media marketing; get you started, manage your accounts or organise some social media training - whatever works best for you.

Social Media

Branding and Launch

We can design your social media logos, banners and graphics.

Ensure you present your business message in the best possible way.

Create social media schedules to correspond with your business needs, events and promotions.

Message Creation

Posting engaging messages to your social media audience that compliments your business identity and personality is crucial.

Audience Building

Our social media experts will advise you, guide you and design a campaign that suits your pocket, your business and your goals.

Identifying who you want to reach and catching their attention is essential for achieving a good social media result.

Growing your audience and increasing your reach is the key to success. Every time you post a message, you want it to be seen by the biggest audience possible and create a call to action, this ensures your potential customers are engaged.

Visual Items

Producing rich, attractive and shareable content is key to spreading your business message through social media.

Creating interesting vibrant content using infographics, photographs, videos, rich visual content always receives a better level of engagement from a social media audience than plain text.

madcreative can deliver branded digital material to support your scheduled content, advertising your latest deals or showing off your latest project. Attractive, shareable content is key to driving follower engagement and spreading your message. Every time someone likes, shares or retweets your post, more and more people see it. Witty, current comment, images and videos are amongst the most likely content to be shared.

Monthly Content

A consistent and interesting stream of content is essential when building followers, gaining their interest and obtaining credibility on social media.

Producing content to share each and every month that is relevant to your business and interesting to your audience is hard work. Our social media experts have found it’s best to use the theory of “Know, Like and Trust”. First, get your audience to “know” you by making your branding prominent and consistent on everything they see. Then get them to “like” you by giving them entertaining relevant content to consume and share. Finally, make them “trust” you by making your content more about communicating and interacting with them rather than bombarding them with offers and promotions in every post you make.

When they trust you, they’ll be more likely to do business with you.

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