Business outsourcing - the key to MORE time!

Outsourcing –  it’s good for the mind.

And this is true in both our personal life and our work environment.

In my personal life I absolutely love having my home cleaned by someone else and the ironing. After all I want to spend my working hours working, running my business and doing what I am truly good at. And in my free time doing the things I love with fewer chores.

This surely has to be the same in our working environment? Or am I alone?

As a business owner we should approach our work in exactly the same way and think about how we can take away some of the time consuming tasks and outsource essential business services that we don’t really understand. By paying someone else to do them we can get on with running our business - which is key.

Perhaps you don’t know where to start?

What if you knew or found the right person or business you could trust, would you be more tempted to outsource some services?

Below is a starter list of some areas we know business owners really struggle with at times.

Now we can’t help you with the whole list but we can totally help you with 80% and that means you could have a lot more time to do what you are really good at – running your business.

Book – keeping
Writing letters
Social media campaigns
Marketing strategies and campaigns
Google analytics
Google adwords
Blog writing
Website design
Press releases

Did you know?
We continue to look after 70% of our businesses once they have received one of our services because they trust us, like us and they have decided their business is worth it.

What are you waiting for…….?

Give us a call to lighten your work load and stress, increase your business reach and efficiency.

It's good to chat - don't hide behind email.

We could all save time if we picked up the phone more often.

Maybe you don’t use email at work that often anymore. Many businesses are now using popular intergrated messaging services as part of their office applications, which are reactive and provide group chat facilities that work well in a fast-paced team orientated interactive environment.

However, many businesses do still use email as their main formal communication resource and emails can build up in inboxes at a rather alarming rate, to the point that you almost can’t face a few days away from the office for fear of the over-flowing INBOX on your return.

More recently I have found phone calls has been a far more effective way to communicate and something we have all rather ignored at times in business. The good old-fashioned ‘It’s good to talk” that BT used years ago in their advertising, is still so true. Bring back Busby!

I’m definitely going to revert back to this lovely artful verbal communication, where there aren’t misunderstandings due to badly typed grammar, upper case shouting, or emails read in voices that they weren’t written in – apparently it happens!

Emails are an excellent communication tool and one that has made business so much easier, but they have also rather over-shadowed some essential business dialogue that could be saving us precious time, building stronger working relationships and helping us to overcome unnecessary frustrations at times. And I haven’t even mentioned blind copied and carbon copied!

Madcreative has an extremely interesting and versatile business model that means as a team we can be working on a variety of projects at any one time, and each project has different teams. We communicate in a variety of ways, depending on the time of day, and whether we feel it is appropriate to make a telephone call early am or late pm.

Email respects time, it allows you to start or respond to the communication at a convenient time. A phone call does not.

However, I know without the wonderful art of verbal communication I would miss the humour, the quickly resolved snag that may have taken paragraphs of written gobble to explain and of course the shared conversation that offers more insight and connection with peers and customers in a few minutes than any email ever would.

We welcome all phone call enquiries about websites, SEO, social media and design.

Call us on 01795 533129 and we look forward to a chat.

Websites going LIVE

I never tire of watching a new website we’ve designed and created go live.

A new website always takes us on a journey that never fails to delight, inform and generate new interests and energy, and when the project finishes there is always a real sense of euphoria.

In the beginning…

After an initial lengthy discussion with a client and an accepted proposal, our work begins.

We will discuss website design ideas that will best represent your business and attract customers, and then almost immediately start to create design template ideas for feedback and approval.

I spend a great deal of time reading around relevant and associated business services and look at all competitors’ on-line presence, to truly understand the market place and who and what your potential customers requirements might be. After all I may not be entirely familiar with your particular business service, for example; window film or fake grass but rest assured I soon will be! As a business owner myself I apprecaite the importance og getting it right and relaying the right message.

Finally, a design concept is agreed, and we can then start the exciting bit, the website coding and build where we add all the collated content information and of course really good quality photographs.

This takes many hours but is totally worth the consideration and attention to detail.

Smart design, good quality photography and relevant well-written content is key to ensuring the new website will perform as required and present the right business impact.

We can help with everything...

Content writing – the seemingly most dreaded business activity, the time it takes to organise website content appears to cause most businesses difficulty. Followed by the careful consideration of choosing important keywords and phrases to best describe a business and provide its overall powerful message.

Self-promotion, another most uncomfortable activity it would appear, but one we totally enjoy on behalf of all our clients. We love to help you promote your business to a wider audience and use a great platform - the world-wide web and social media. We can provide social media management services to help you and your business, just ask us for details.

Stunning images will help us to tell your story, beautiful bespoke photography - we can recommend a photographer to suit your brand and style. It will be worth every penny and moments of your precious time.

Do you need a new website?

Don’t leave it too late, as good things take careful planning, time for consideration and collation of all required information. After all we take pride in our work and you are absolutely worth our effort and amazing things are most definitely worth doing properly.

How to deal with competition in business

Is competition good?


We all have our USP – Unique Selling Point. Which is ourselves, our products, services and location. Whilst other businesses may appear very similar in actual fact they aren’t us and will offer and do things in a different way, and offer their own price point. 

Competition is excellent for making us work smarter, be more considered in our approach, drive us to want to be better and make us review our business to ensure it is the best it can be. However what it doesn't mean is we have to lower our prices!

Never strive to be like another business similar to you, admire what they do well and learn from them and then identify your strengths to be your own success.

Make sure you present yourself well, look professional and be informed and passionate about your specialist subject – your services. Every potential client / customer wants choice, and this will be in price, service and products. It is often said you pay for what you get. Beware those driven by price, it can kill a business and also leave a customer feeling they didn't get what they expected.

You can always pay less somewhere, it’s finding that really amazing deal and then knowing and being confident it will give you exactly what you want and needed. It may and it may not.
You can also pay more and still not be assured it will be exactly what you wanted or needed.
Or you can pay a professional for their expertise.

How do you know if you are making the right choice?
You have to connect, ask the right questions, read testimonials, feel reassured and then trust your gut instinct.

A business owner told me about their recent business dilemma:

Potential Client: “Could you reduce your costs, we really want to use you, but you are a bit more expensive than the other business (a competitor) but we definitely prefer what you offer and would like to use you!”

What would you say to that? We know what we would say....

In all of this please don’t skimp on your website design, your business message, your social media streams and overall business impact. Get it right, it deserves your time, energy and money.

Why not work with a business that specialises in marketing, branding and websites that you can connect with, that will be honest with you and is on your wave length – it will be worth every penny and £, guaranteed.

Madcreative doesn’t just build websites, we create your ideal on-line presence to help you connect with your customers and feel empowered. We charge for our expertise and the time it takes to deliver our completed products.

These are our *madcreative comments and views, blog written by Lucy Guthrie

Is your website good enough?

Does your website give the right on-line impact?

Is it smart, easy to navigate and uncluttered?

Or does it say:

"We don't have a marketing / website budget"

“We prefer not to spend money on our on-line presence because we believe it’s the person behind the product/service that matters more!”

“Our website only looks good on a big screen, it is rather annoying if you look at it on your mobile but hey once you get home please fire up your desktop and resume searching, you’ll then be able to appreciate our products and services!”

“Word of mouth is our most reliable recommendation, on-line is for people who just browse the internet for something to do in the evenings.”

Seriously, do not underestimate the importance of having an easy to navigate with clear presentation website offering a critical eye into your business.

It is a fact the high street is evolving, and shopping habits are changing rapidly. We know most people browse via their phone, will impulse buy if it is easy to do so via a website and a secure payment portal, their card payment details are probably already stored for a quick purchase. Imagine someone walking into your shop with their cash already in their hand waiting to hand it over to you behind the counter – imagine!

Marketing information continually reminds us that the success of on-line payments for goods is driven by ease, on-line presentation, the responsiveness of an action, convenience and visual impact. In a world where people are running multiple communication platforms and searching for experiences, we have to ensure we try to deliver a positive one.

As a business, if you can provide relevant on-line information, an opportunity for people to get in contact with you and find out more about your services really easily, and even buy your services or products from their sofa or desk at work, then you need to be able to do this if you want to be part of this fast on-line economy. It isn’t going away.

It is no good moaning about your lack of customers if you are not offering what they want. Businesses need to be agile, willing to change and adapt and your professional on-line presence is all part of this.

Recently I have visited and eaten in two eateries, both had superb websites that gave me confidence with my choice, I therefore presumed I would like the ambience and food. They both offered an on-line impact that reflected their offer, but would I visit a restaurant with a poor website? Only if friends highly recommended it.

Take a look at your current website and be honest with yourself.

Then get in contact and we’ll do the rest.

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